We strive to deliver quality products. However, occasionally a product may break down or not work properly. In the event that this situation arises, it is best if you contact us immediately and do not use the product further.

It is advisable to consult our support via email sent to before sending us the goods. We may be able to resolve some faults this way.

Complaint procedure:

  1. Pack the product well

    If we do not agree by email or assess the product as defective, then please try to pack it as carefully as possible before sending it. We are not responsible for damage or loss due to shipping.

  2. Fill in the complaint form

    Filling out the claim form is easy. You fill in your details, information about the date of purchase and, of course, a description of the defect (what you are claiming).

    Download the complaint form here.

  3. Send it to us

    Include a printed and completed claim form in the package with the product you are claiming for. We only accept returns at this address:

    Sensetio Lab, s.r.o.
    Šamanova 1062/8
    700 30 Ostrava
    Česká republika

    For shipping we recommend the services of the Czech Post.

How long can a claim take?

The warranty period begins on the day of delivery of the product to our address and is set by law to a maximum of 30 days.

In the case of an accepted claim, we will send the repaired/replaced product (depending on what you are claiming) back to your address.

Didn't find what you needed? Something not clear?

We will be happy to help you. Email your questions to