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​A unique application compatible with the bracelet of the same name, which records not only the quality of your meditation, but also the progress of the measurement. Because of this, it will provide you with information about your state or feedback that will allow you to determine how effective and successful your meditation was. With the application, you will have full control over your performance and will be able to achieve the best results for your body and mind.

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​With the SENSETIO bracelet you will have all available functions at your disposal!

​When you buy a SENSETIO wristband, you will use the full potential of the Sensetio GO app. This will give you access to all the functions that the application offers.

​Measure your biorhythm, learn to consciously experience your emotions with interactive games and get feedback on your meditation!

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​​What distinguishes Sensetio from other common meditations

​​What distinguishes Sensetio from other common meditations applications? We are able to detect and visualize success or failure of the meditation performed. The application together with the bracelet is able to show and plot whether or not the necessary decrease in emotional tension really occurred during meditation.

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