The Sensetio bracelet together with a custom-developed app enables statistical processing of electrodermal activity (EDA) data.

3997 Kč incl. VAT


Sensetio combines proven meditation techniques, biometric feedback from the bracelet, and an autonomic nervous system monitoring app.With this unique connection, you are able to see how your body responds to different meditation and relaxation techniques and how deep a state of relaxation these techniques bring you. With regular use of our method, you will clearly see not only which meditation techniques work best for you, but also how they help you reduce stress and improve your emotional self-regulation.



The whole system package is designed to enable users to improve their health and well-being. Whether they are people who practice meditation or yoga, or those who are interested in improving their overall health. This app allows them to grasp and improve their quality of life.


The app includes specially designed games that teach you how to handle stressful situations and help with hyperactivity

They help users improve their emotional self-control and independence. These are simple games that are controlled by conscious changes in the tension in the player's nervous system (not by the display, but directly by the autonomic nervous system). The user can practice their ability to maintain calm and focus even in challenging situations in a simple and fun way. Games with biometric feedback help people understand how their body reacts to different stimuli, situations, and teach them to have their experience of emotions under conscious control. 


Who is SENSETIO for?

Sensetio is an invaluable tool in therapy. It brings exact knowledge of an area that until recently has been hidden in the minds of clients..

Present clients with stimuli from essential areas of human life through the Sensetio method and reveal the "problem" area, the weak point.

Reveal the level of emotional arousal when solving problems. Sensetio helps eliminate systematic errors that impair employees' problem-solving and decision-making abilities.

Our technology will help them learn to focus better and ease the challenges they face in their daily lives..

The Sensetio method teaches you how to relax or meditate properly and effectively.