What differentiates us from competing apps?

Our meditation app differentiates itself from other apps on the market by using advanced technologies such as biometric feedback via electrodermal activity recording (EDA) and advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. Sensetio will give you much more than motivation to meditate repeatedly and exercise regularly. It will be your mentor in monitoring the progress of success or failure of the meditation performed. 

It provides users with clear data about their autonomic nervous system responses. Therefore, they can accurately monitor and analyze how meditation and other exercises affect their health, mental tension and overall well-being. Using AI algorithms developed by us, the system will objectively evaluate the success of meditation and show you how you are doing.

Combined with our hi-tech SENSETIO biometric bracelet, we will provide you with a unique way to focus on improving the quality of your meditations, health and overall quality of life. We will provide you with accurate and scientifically based data about your current experience, as well as help you find the most effective meditation techniques and "tailor-made" exercises.

Investing in our solution connecting the application with the biometric bracelet is a great way to move further in self-development, enhanced by optimizing your meditation practice. Try the Sensetio app and see for yourself that no other meditation app on the market offers you as much.