How do you imagine your body from the inside? Why is it good to know the mental map of the body?

A lot of us have no idea about the internal structure of our bodies. Figuring out our own mental map is key to better understanding and properly utilizing the complex system (the body) we use daily. How does our view of our own body differ from reality? The truth is that we often see the body as a whole and overlook its complexities and details.

If you thought this was going to be another boring educational article with educational content about the structure of our bodies, you were wrong. This article doesn't actually tell you anything at all, yet it can be really useful to you.

The sad fact is that a lot of people don't have much of a body image. Often they have no idea where the spine ends and where it begins. They perceive the body divided into two halves - at waist level. And where is it? Well, where the shirt meets the pants...

Many times we use our body without realizing where and what we have in it, and how things are interrelated. Our idea of it precedes the movement. This idea is influenced by the mental map that each of us has about our body. We subconsciously imagine the movements and actions we want to take based on it.

As you can see, the blog post includes a blank silhouette of a human body. This one is for you. Imagine, draw the structure of your body - bones, muscles, organs. Let me ask you a control question, where exactly is your shoulder joint?

  • You don't have to imagine or draw every bone in your body. Of course, neither do such details as the bones of the inner ear.
  • It's not even about creating a beautiful picture of how the body is an amazing tool.


So what? How's it going? It's not so much fun, is it?

Finally, make sure - "Google" - the actual skeletal and muscular structure of the body. If your mental map is not accurate, you will be forcing your body into movements that are nonsensical, or even impossible, in terms of body structure!

P.S. The body will always try to accommodate us, which is why excess tension is the result. If you want to improve the treatment of yourself you must CORRECT any ERRORS in the mental map of the body.