Morning with ADHD: 5 Key Tips for a Smooth Start to the School Day

Guiding a child through the morning routine is a challenge for many parents. It may seem like a puzzle with thousands of pieces, each requiring individual attention and care. Every new morning and each new day bring new challenges that the family must face. However, with careful preparation and effective strategies, you can make this part of the day less stressful or even enjoyable for the whole family. Let's share key tips that can make waking up and going to school with children easier.

1. Do not underestimate evening preparation

Success in the morning battle begins the night before. Ensure that tasks, snacks, and all school items are prepared and packed in the evening. Always prepare clothes for the next day before going to sleep. This simple step of structured evening preparation minimizes morning stress, making your morning smoother.

2. Wake up earlier and set an example

Try to wake up a few minutes earlier and personally wake up your child. Personal awakening is far more effective than a regular alarm, which is by no means an equivalent alternative. Your involvement creates a pleasant atmosphere at the beginning of the new day.

If you bring a warm drink (a bit of tea, cocoa, warm milk), you will boost a positive mood in the child and motivate them to get out of bed and move to the bathroom.

3. Practice a good routine during morning hygiene

Create a routine with the child that helps them navigate a demanding morning and mentally prepares them for the new day.

4. Breakfast as the foundation of the day

Breakfast should never be overlooked, especially for a child with ADHD. Skipping the first meal of the day has a negative impact on children because a sufficient food intake after a long night jumpstarts their metabolism and helps them overcome morning lethargy more quickly. If the child is taking medication, then breakfast is essential.

5. Say goodbye and praise them

And what about the departure for school? Praise even the smallest morning progress (Did the child dress a minute faster than yesterday? Hooray! Did they brush their teeth without toothpaste ending up on the clean floor? Hooray!). Recognition will motivate them to quickly adopt the routine. End the morning ritual with a heartfelt farewell, wishing them a nice day and success at school.

Creating a stable morning is a challenge not only for you but also for the child. If you start early, these simple foundations will turn waking up and going to school into a positive experience. Evening preparation will provide you with a solid foundation on which to build the following day. Be an example of early rising; it will significantly improve the atmosphere at home and the course of morning tasks.