7 tips to manage the Christmas rush and preparations WITHOUT STRESS

1. Planning is key

Start planning. Write a list of everything that needs to be done and prioritize. The created plan will help you keep track of what you have already done and what you still have to do. This will prevent any problems that could arise at the last minute.

2. Delegate

You don't have to do everything alone. Delegate tasks to all family members or friends. You will thus create a pleasant atmosphere by sharing tasks and cooperating with those closest to you.

3. Shop smart

Christmas shopping can be stressful, especially if you put it off until the last minute. If you haven't started in time, take advantage of the online shopping option. If the courier service does not have time to deliver the parcel by Christmas, look for the nearest store where you can pick up the gift in peace and stop for a cup of good coffee or visit the Christmas markets along the way. You simply combine the pleasant with the useful.

4. Focus on experiences

Instead of emphasizing material things, focus on creating shared experiences with those closest to you. Create traditions, watch Christmas movies or take a trip together. Remember that in five years, your child will not remember that he got a dinosaur under the tree that cost you a fortune. But such an experience of the Ferris wheel at the Christmas market with a children's punch in hand, he will remember for the rest of his life!

5. Minimize perfectionism

Only set realistic expectations. Everything doesn't have to be perfect. Guests, family and loved ones will appreciate your efforts, whether the table is neat or not.

6. Ease financial pressure

Christmas doesn't have to mean huge expenses. Think through and set a budget that you will stick to at all times. Remember that creative and handmade gifts or personal gestures are just as valuable as the most expensive perfume at your local perfumery!

7. Reward yourself with rest

Don't underestimate rest. The Christmas rush is demanding, so definitely find time to relax. Treat yourself to an evening with hot tea, a book or a relaxing bath.

Take the tips for yourself and enjoy the Christmas time spent with your family to the fullest. Let go of the pressure of feeling imperfect and make room for a magical Christmas season and time together. Remember that Christmas is about joy, about love and sharing time with those you love.